Procurement Operations Manager


Procurement Operations Manager


Our client is looking to embed some more structure to their Procurement Department. We are seeking a Procurement Operations Manager to work alongside Senior Procurement to establish and rejuvenate their processes and frameworks.

This successful Procurement Operations Manager will be enlisted to implement and perform all operational processes that are required to ensure an effective Procurement Operation.

This role will play an essential part in the evolution and continued success of the procurement and supply chain management operations of the business. Engaging with stakeholders at all levels of the organisation, the role holder will support the Senior Procurement Operations Manager in the implementation of a programme of change to implement a robust, efficient and business centric procurement operation and then manage the day to day delivery of those processes.

The candidate will be accountable for delivery of several of the following as part of a team delivering the overall agenda:
Development, application and training of robust procurement policies and processes, developing toolkits and controls as required to manage adherence and make processes easy for users, including our suppliers, to engage with.
*Supplier Management Framework application and adherence from the centre, establishing robust adherence monitoring and reporting alongside training for business leaders.
*Forecasting of procurement resource requirements, ongoing workstacks for team, time to complete and considering upcoming initiatives and renewals to manage delivery of all activity in line with agreed business SLAs
*Develop a robust due diligence process, implementing best practice approaches and ensuring appropriate resource and time is allocated to complete in line with target signing dates.
*Agree target signing dates with procurement leads, business owners, legal and diligence leads and suppliers to ensure alignment on priority and urgency of contract signing - then measure delivery against agreed timeframes and communicate any changes consistently and in good time.
*Support aggregation and prioritisation of the procurement pipeline and ensure that the pipeline, target signing dates and prioritisation are being communicated clearly across the organisation.
*Supplier master data management and establish and maintain a process to provide effective spend reporting to the Procurement team
*Conclude implementation of supplier relationship management system and establish more robust governance control reporting and supplier performance analysis and reporting.
*Procurement team performance data collection, reporting and analysis, such as savings reporting
*Leverage procurement best practices such as reverse auctions, working with procurement leads to select and implement any tools required.
*Establish a framework for supplier auditing.
*Contract adequacy review and contract summarisation processes.
*Maintain visibility of upcoming contract renewals, and consider for each contract at what stage tenders should be scheduled, or if no tender is planned, when contract renewal discussions should take place.

Skills Knowledge & Experience
·Experience in relevant SRM or procurement roles preferably with procurement operations experience.
·Highly organised with experience in project management, influencing leaders, driving change and establishing and delivering consistently on robust controls and processes.
·Strong with data skills with the ability to foresee changes needed as a result to ensure less reactive procurement.

This team speaks of working with a 'drum-beat' and I am looking for that individual who can not only continue this but also ensure the day to day is done properly, with the drive to change elements which are not working.