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Simon Geere, head of the Alexander Lloyd HR team takes a look at why HR professionals might benefit from registering with an agency, and how to optimise the manner in which you work with them.  
What are the benefits of an HR professional registering with a recruiting agency?

Why look to an agency?
For an HR professional today, this may be a valid question – why bother indeed?

Your situation within the human resources industry places you in a fairly unique position. You are intimately involved with the recruitment process on both sides.

As a human resource professional, you understand the processes of recruitment and the way in which it works from both sides of the table, albeit more commonly as a recruiter rather than a candidate.

The benefits of registering

When you engage a consultancy as a client, you tend to choose those with whom you have an existing successful relationship with, and you do so in order to access their large database of candidates, many of whom may not be freely available on the open market. Turn that idea on its head for a moment. When you register as a candidate you become part of that database in order to access the relationships that the consultant has developed with their clients.

Recruitment consultants are sales people; it is in fact one of the most frequent complaints laid at their door. However, ask any sales person in any market who works on a business-to-business basis what the secret to their success is, they will give you the answer, ‘relationships’. They take time and effort to build, you personally may have one or two with select recruiters that can add value to your business, and this is the key benefit that you are tapping into as a candidate.

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