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Why use a recruitment agency?

  • August 12, 2015

Many companies are choosing to move their recruitment in house, but why should companies consider using a recruitment company like Alexander Lloyd? 

There has been a lot of talk in the HR sector about the growth of recruitment and with it, the growth of internal recruiting. We have spoken to many of our customers and prospective customers about this and understand the obvious gains to keeping your recruitment in house, so what are the benefits of using an agency like Alexander Lloyd?

Well there are many, but we will focus on some of the most important ones.

Advertising; recruitment agencies will usually use a variety of job boards to advertise a job, Alexander Lloyd use both generic boards but also sector specific boards to ensure that we get a good cross section of candidates. Many businesses will not require as many job postings as a recruitment agency and therefore they did choose to go down this path they may not get the financial benefit and therefore their options may be more limited.

Time; You’ve posted your advert and generated a great response, so good in fact that you have over 100 CV’s to go through to get a shortlist, this is a reality which recruitment consultants face daily and this is where they can save your hours, if not, days. Our recruitment consultants will check through each CV, interview a short list of suitable candidates and present you with only the candidates that fit your criteria.

Executive search; some of the best candidates are not actively looking for work, we call these passive candidates. When we are given a requirement from a client we will contact candidates on our database, both those actively looking for work and those who might not be. Our 14 years experience in the South East means that we work with many candidates on an exclusive basis, which many businesses wont be able to reach themselves.   

The real benefits are felt when you work with closely with a recruitment agency, where they can get a real understanding of your business and how you operate. Our recruitment consultants make it their job to truly understand what a client and candidate need. They are committed to making the client’s job easier by making sure they get a shortlist of only candidates, which fit the job description, the culture and personality fit of a company and their knowledge experience ensures they understand these requirements better than others.