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The Pros of a 4 Day Working Week

  • September 09, 2016


Flexible working is an ongoing hot topic. Organisations are introducing flexible working which is resulting in improved productivity, happier work forces, and reduced staff turnover.


Is Thursday the new Friday?

A scheme that we are starting to see more of is the introduction of the 4 day working week, questioning whether or not efficiency should be equated with the number of hours worked. Global brand have introduced a program with a 4 day working week in the hope to diversify the company’s workforce and to create an environment that fosters success and career growth.


So what are the real benefits to a 4 day working week?


  • Increased productivity – well rested employees are more productive. With less time to work, there is less time to waste.                
  • Morale is boosted – on a Monday morning, everyone is refreshed and excited                    
  • Health benefits – working too many hours can lead to an array of health problems                      
  • Happier work environment – due to increased personal time        
  • Improved employee retention – the happier people are at work, the less likely they are to move on                     
  • Internal talent attraction is easier – likely to attract more highly qualified new hires that see the 4 day week as a major lifestyle benefit.                     
  • Good for the environment – reduced electricity, less commuters and pollution.                  
  • Save on facility costs – lighting and heating etc.                   
  • Better for families – allows parents to balance the demands of work and raising children.

It seems the benefits provide a strong case for the 4 day working week.

What do you think is stopping more organisations from adopting this scheme?

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