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Post-Brexit recruitment continues to rise

  • October 07, 2016

Despite initial fears following the referendum result in June, the job market looks in a healthy state, according to the REC.

Today’s REC report for September shows a second consecutive monthly rise in permanent staff placements in the UK. It also found that temporary and contract billings increased, although at a more moderate level compared with August’s three-month high.

Additionally, the research shows that the number of vacancies in the labour market is improving, although the amount of people available to fill these roles has fallen.

The average starting salaries for permanent roles also increased again in September, similar to that in August.  And although temporary and contract workers’ average pay rose, it was at its weakest rate in 40 months.

REC Director of Policy Tom Hadley says: “This month’s report contains further evidence that UK employers have shrugged off the initial shock of the referendum result. Overall, permanent hiring is in growth for the second consecutive month. Even more encouraging is the growth in vacancies; consumer confidence and strong demand on businesses has ensured that hirers are creating new jobs.

Recruitment Grapevine, 07/10/16