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Have you recently been thinking about pursuing a career within Recruitment? The start of the process can be so mind-boggling when you know nothing about the industry. What makes a recruitment company good? Do they offer training? What will be expected of me? What is the team like?

Too many adverts do not answer these questions and just list the same “job responsibilities” but rarely do they actually give you a real insight into not only what you will be doing but the company and whether this is the right choice for you. Hopefully, this page will give you a better idea of the role of a Recruitment Consultant and Alexander Lloyd as a business.

To get you up and running, we start you off with an extensive academy for individuals who are looking to break into the recruitment and sales industry. You will be amongst friendly and hardworking colleagues who will support you on your journey. You will be given the means to build your own desk and run it autonomously whilst working collaboratively with your colleagues. Recruitment is a role that focuses on the ability to build powerful partnerships with our candidates and clients through direct and indirect marketing.

Our 8-week course is designed to give you all the tools to become the best recruiter in the industry. After those 8 weeks, you will continue to receive the support required to deliver the best work you can and to ensure you’re doing the greatest job for your candidates and clients, and it will also give you the best earning potential possible.

Graduates from our academy have gone on to become some of our strongest and most successful consultants in the business. Our aim is for everyone within Alexander Lloyd to feel supported and feel that they have been given all the best tools and knowledge possible to start their careers and we truly believe that our academy is that springboard.

If you like what you've read so far, then please reach out to Sinitta Callman, the Talent Manager here at Alexander Lloyd for a highly confidential conversation about what we can do for you. She can tell you all the ins and outs of recruitment, sales, Alexander Lloyd and where's the best place to have amazing food and cocktails...

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We are currently looking for a range of people to join our business. We have 7 teams in total that all require a different type of individual; have a look at the roles we've got live and pick the one that best suits you!