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All commercial organisations that conduct business within the UK and have a global turnover of at least £36 million in any financial year are required to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement.

Whilst there is no strict timetable within the legislation for organisations to publish their statements, Government guidance expects organisations to publish statements as soon as reasonably feasible after the end of each financial year.

For those running from January to December, statements are expected to be published by tomorrow (30th June 2017)

The statement must be published on the company website, or be available within 30 days of a written request.


What should the statement include?


The business structure and supply chains
Employers can provide information on the business activities they carry out, and the nature of their supply chain. Details may be given of the countries or regions in which the employer operates, and employers can flag up particular activities or countries that are high risk in relation to modern slavery.

Policies relevant to slavery and human trafficking
This could be a stand-alone policy or relevant elements of other policies e.g. supply chain or human resources policies. Employers do not need to reproduce the full text of their policies; it is sufficient to provide a link to the policies, for example to the employer’s website.

Due diligence processes 
Employers that undertake supplier due diligence can set out what they do when considering taking on new suppliers, and how they review their existing suppliers; e.g. through supplier audits. This shows that the you understand who your suppliers are and who is working for them. Employers can take steps against suppliers that do not meet the required standard.

Parts of the business where there is a risk of slavery and human trafficking taking place
Highlight the steps you have taken to assess and manage that risk

Overview of key performance indicators
Highlight methods in ensuring that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in your business, measured against performance indicators such as requiring staff to complete training on modern slavery and developing a system for supply chain verification.

Businesses should consider training key employees within their own organisation and, in some cases, their suppliers' employees. The statement can provide an overview of the training offered.

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