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Wow! Twenty years! It’s hard to believe, but this summer, we are celebrating our twenty-year anniversary.
A lot has changed in those twenty years at Alexander Lloyd, but more importantly, a lot has stayed the same. We are a firm that still values the partnership mentality in its staff and still believes the best way to keep an existing client happy and to earn the trust of a new one is to reach out and speak to them.
When I was sitting down to write this, I re-read my thank you letter from ten years ago and I was pleased that I could still honestly say that the number one factor in our continued success was the people that have entered our lives and touched us. If you will please indulge me for a few moments, I’d like to thank some of the people who have made the last twenty years possible.
I want to start by thanking fellow directors Mike, John and Simon who have been with me since the early days and Alison who has kept us all in check on the accounting and administration side. I’d also like to add Julie, Sarah, Alice, Rachel, Katy, Georgina, Tom and Andy to that mix because once you exceed ten years, it’s as if you have been here forever. You guys are this place.
I’d also like to offer a special thanks to those clients that have either been with us for 20 years, 10 years or even 6 months, you have all become our champions and have contributed so much with your confidence, referrals, suggestions, and love.  You have helped us build this place and we would not be who we are today without your contributions. And to our existing team, you make this place thrive and we are excited to have you share in our journey. Thank you all for your efforts.
As we enter our third decade, we do so with great excitement as we anticipate what lies ahead. We appreciate you, our existing clients and friends being a part of our journey.

Thanks, Neil 

Neil Quarendon

Operations Director