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Finding the best talent in the market can be difficult, so we’re here to guide you on how to find the best candidates, and the types of things that candidates are looking for in businesses.

Based on our research, it shows that the top 4 things people look for in businesses are; A business’ status in the industry, a place that offers opportunities to learn, develop and grow, a company that has similar beliefs and visions to the candidate, and somewhere that candidates can feel trusted in their role.

Our guide is simple, and we’ve broken each category down into ways that you can adapt your business to attract the best candidates.

Status in the market

When you’re looking to hire potential candidates, the first thing they look at will be your website, socials platforms and reviews. It’s important that across the board, these things are showing you off in the most positive light possible. If the company is in the news, is it for a good reason? If so great! If it’s not however, then you will need to try and shed some light on why, but also find other reasons to be in the news (for all the right reasons). We’ve written another article to help guide your business to having a great reputation – coming soon!

Providing the opportunity to learn, develop and grow

Candidates find it attractive when they can visualise exactly what their future with the business will look like, but also how they can professionally grow and learn. Often, you’ll find that the reason candidates are leaving their current roles is due to the lack of career progression. Providing clear progression paths will help massively, it gives people something to work towards, knowing there is a reward at the end, for example, a promotion. Offering training is vital, whether that’s external or internal. Similar to our business, run incentives for the team too. Incentives help motivate the team and when you’re working towards targets, it’s easier to set clear goals that employees know that they can reach. Being rewarded for hard work goes a very long way!

Your business’ values and vision

On your website, make the “Vision/Mission/Values Statement” clear. It’s great for candidates to read through it and say “yes, that’s how I feel” or “that’s also what I believe in”. Words like “Collaborate”, “Innovative” and “Honest” are great words when choosing your vision.

A place where candidates can feel trusted

After some research, it’s become clear that people want to work in an “adult” environment… but what does that mean? A few people have said that it means you’re trusted to do the job at hand without someone asking constant questions and doubting their integrity. To other people it means working hours. A lot of companies are moving towards flexible working and remote working (from home). Both points raised, require trust from both parties, so it needs to be clear from the offset, that if you’re allowed to work from home, that work will be completed in the normal way. Set a president for how a project should be completed, and have the faith and trust in your employees that it will be completed.  

But we’re curious to find out what your thoughts are on this – what else is important for you?