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Simon Geere, HR division director at Alexander Lloyd, shares the ins and outs of the HR world, what trends he’s noticed and what he looks for in an HR director (HRD) with PM Jobs.

Tell us a little bit about Alexander Lloyd

We’re a niche recruitment firm operating in the HR space – particularly in the London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex areas. We’ve been delivering successful recruitment assignments for clients within all industry sectors from SMEs to global blue chips for more than 15 years.

There’s been a lot of change in the HR function during this time – what are you seeing right now?

Regardless of what people might be saying about line managers being the new HR function, we’re certainly not seeing businesses considering removing the HR function just yet. What we are seeing though is a market that’s demanding business people first, people who can move into HR, rather than the other way around. Why? It’s because these are people who know how the business makes money. They know what impact they can make, for example, on raising productivity.

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